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Filter Products Company is a premier manufacturer of filtration and strainer bags for unique applications. Our core focus is serving customers in the commercial food, beverage, and essential oils production, as well as industrial straining, de-watering and petrochemical applications.

Our modular production process allows us to work with customers that require as few as 1,000 pieces, or more than 100,000 bags annually. In addition to filtration fabrics and media for industrial applications, we also offer a full line of materials that meet FDA guidelines under 21 CFR 170.39 for direct contact with food, beverage, and potable water applications.

Our design and manufacturing expertise ensures that we deliver a solution that meets your specific needs.





Essential Oils


Paints & Coatings

Industrial Printing

Why Filter Products Company?

  • Design Expertise – Extensive experience with liquid strainer and filter bag systems.
  • Responsive Service – Thorough evaluation of your application and design considerations combine with pre-production samples to validate form, fit, and function.
  • Exceptional Quality – Validated processes and Lean manufacturing principles implemented by dedicated employees.
  • Competitive Prices – Rigorous raw material sourcing, cost-conscious designs, and efficient manufacturing.
  • American Made – Shorter lead-times and flexible delivery for our customers.


Contact Filter Products Company for filter bags customized to your precise needs and specifications. We will respond within 24 hours.