Flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used in a wide variety of industries and applications, including medical devices, industrial machinery, lighting, automotive, military, aerospace, defense, consumer products, and down hole drilling.

Our team at Cirexx has extensive experiencing assembling flex and rigid-flex circuits. We do it all under one roof — including layout and fabrication — which means our engineers are always in constant communication and that we’re able to work out any issues and possible problems before assembly. This not only minimizes any possible project delays, but it also saves our customers time and money.



Surface mount technology (SMT):
This is a method in which components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of the PCB. The majority of PCB components involve SMT, which was developed in the 1960s and became a common type of PCB assembly in the 1980s.
Through hole:
With this older type of capability, designated pins are inserted into holes and soldered to pads. This type of PCB assembly is still used in a variety of military and consumer applications. Though SMT is more common, some believe through hole is more reliable because it is stronger. This type of assembly is also often used in conjunction with SMT.
Flip chip:
This refers to a mounting approach in which the chip is inverted and connected directly to the substrate rather than using the more common wire bonding technique.
In-circuit testing (ICT) and flying probe testing:
Both of these assembly capabilities are used to test the PCB. The ICT machine primarily measures most of the component value. A flying probe test, however, is more common; this checks the continuity of the PCB and is less expensive than an ICT.
X-ray inspection:
To verify and guarantee precision solder joints — along with other aspects of inspection — Cirexx uses state-of-the-art X-ray equipment that allows for real-time inspection and creates images of PCB inner layers, as well as hidden solder joints beneath component housings. These ultra-high-resolution images and movies are among the best in the industry, with the absolute lowest threshold for radiation. Our X-ray inspection is also used for the verification of ball grid arrays (BGAs) and quad-flat no-leads (QFNs).
Press fit:
This type of technology allows a connection between the PCB and plated through hole without the need for soldering.
Mechanical assembly/box build assembly:
This type of capability involves building an electrical device or product by assembling numerous PCBs with other components.
Conformal coating:
An acrylic-based coating that sometimes covers the hole assembly, this type of coating adds another layer of protection and is often used in military and aerospace applications.
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI):
This type of inspection uses a piece of equipment that detects each component that is supposed to be on the assembly and confirms their appropriate orientation. It will also look for any defects, examine solder joints, and check whether any components are misaligned.
Selective Soldering:
Selective soldering is the process of soldering thru-hole components by a programmable machine controlling the pre-heat temperature, flux spraying, and soldering time, thereby avoiding heat sensitive components to damage; you can also solder multiple boards faster than hand soldering.
Reballing of components service available:
We also have the ability to reball components if you’re opting to reuse a BGA.


Cirexx offers full turn-key capabilities, which means we will take care of procuring all materials and components. A turn-key solution eliminates delays and allows for peace of mind knowing your PCB is in the hands of our expert engineers from start to finish. We also offer partial and consigned assembly services if you’d prefer to secure the components and materials yourself.

Component Procurement


We pride ourselves on the ability to take on complex jobs — from layout to assembly — all under one roof with state-of-the-art technology, including a new selective soldering machine.

Our engineering team uses best practices for flex and rigid-flex assembly, and our operators understand how to properly assemble flex circuits to avoid delamination.

  • Layout through assembly under one roof
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • End-to-end expertise
  • Specialized in best practices for flex and rigid-flex assembly
  • Access to full turn-key, partial, and consigned assembly services
  • Short standard lead times and quick turn options


"Wanted to let you know that you guys absolutely nailed it! For a board of this size and number of components to be up and running so quickly is a real testament to your team. Again, please relay our gratitude."


"Pass our appreciation on to the team that made this happen quickly to help us meet on pressing schedule. We have received these and have started installing these on the flex cables to eliminate future problems."


"We got the boards, early, and so far everything looks great. One mole successfully whacked! Please thank your team for getting this one out ahead of the holiday weekend."


"Just a quick note, I’ve been inundated with fresh assemblies from Cirexx; so far, so good. Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for helping us meet our deadlines."
Electrical Engineer


"The boards just arrived and they look really good. Thank you for keeping me up to date with the progress of them, and providing the rush shipment."
R&D Design Engineer


"I’m the gentleman that contacted you a month or so ago about the prebake profile of the flexible circuit board. We have fully processed the complete run of the boards and had spectacular results. It is the only time we have had a 99% first pass yield for this particular board. Good job!"


"We’ve received and tested the boards and they look great. Thanks for all your support this past year. Happy holidays and looking forward to continuing to work with Cirexx."
Katrik Johnson
Senior Electrical Design Engineer


"I would like to thank you for taking care of all the issues with this order (on our side and yours) in a prompt and professional manner. It is always a pleasure doing business with you."
Project Engineer


"Just when I get not so good news from another supplier, I get really good news from Cirexx!! If you ever want to branch out into other areas, say cables, just let me know. I could use more suppliers like you! Thanks for making my day…again!"


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